Monday, 28 February 2011


It was some tine ago that my husband came home with his new girlfriend: yes they came to the matrimonial home - He was with a new lady, who just happened to be his drinking partner..They walked hand in hand. Was I dreaming? Here I was with 2 very young wonderful daughters just aged 2 and 6. I was dumbfounded and speechless. I had lost my husband, my home, my stability, provider, and now my dignity, and felt shamed for some reason.I quickly found a new cheap place of residence, so as I was able to move on...but that in fact took many years. Yes, I moved. But I didn't move on...and there lies the answer...I had no idea on how to handle things. I had to meet new people, new friends, and the family matters that had compromised my mere existence. It all had to begin with me! I had to change!...Was it easy? No, I wouldn't say that..It was terribly difficult and enduring, but with patience and help I began to get a 'new' life....
I reached out to my friends, new friends, people that I had not met before. I hadn't heard of LOVE / PEACE / and MOTHER EARTH...It was strange at first, but soon it fell into place.

I was given a book by Kahlil Gibran on loan. I tried to read it, but my comprehension was lacking for some time. I didn't understand it, however I did find it interesting. I really liked the illustrations I do remember. The book turned up here and there whenever I visited friends. Then I was given a book as a gift by Louise Hay. Now that made more sense. I did enjoy reading that, and somehow understood its contents and meaning....That led for more searching...Yes, Deepak Chopra, Florence Shovel Shinn, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, and on it went...
I loved philosophies...That of Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and more...That's really when I got more serious.
MEDITATION...I attended Raja Yoga for many years, yes I found out what the third eye was. We dressed in white, but the most fascinating thing I noticed was how healthy and rosy cheeked these calm people appeared. The poise, manner, and speech was all so calm and centred. I remember when I enquired about the establishment, I entered wearing a leather, not a biker one, but it could have been. I just didn't know at first.
 I attended meditation both early morning and in the evening...sitting and listening to the best information I had yet found. In former years I would have been in a jazz club till early hours of the morning. TRANSFORMATION
I travelled to Hong Kong, China, and Thailand many times...and each time I would learn more and more about the people and Buddhism. I lived in Hong Kong from 1986 - 1992...In the villages you could well see Lao Tse at work. City people practiced mainly Buddhism...I was in my glory...I loved the monks. They would make themselves available for some food or a cigarette...Information...Began spending a lot of time at retreats, these were of immense value for gaining quietness and the smell of the country air was exhilarating. Again I met so many like minded people who when appropriate would share their experiences....
I'm on a higher PATH now, and I absorb a day at a time.