Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Overcoming Fears

It was not until I came to twitter that I met up with a poetry known as Haiku. At the time I thought what a strange and childish method of writing, and how easy it all looked. It really didn't make sense at all. For a long time I didn't acknowledge the authors; dismissing their efforts and never re-tweeting them.
Then I met Sarshi ~ @VerseEveryDay ~ he commented on my blog and left a lengthy comment on one of my posts which was just delightful. I then commenced taking a closer look at his Haiku, and I could see something there, but still not sure. He posted a whole Article on his blog for my perusal, explaining its heritage, the formatting, and other noted matters of importance. It did give me some insight; it was then I commenced picking things to pieces. It was the picking of pieces that gave me the insight on how simple it was, but not so...to be really good I found was very difficult, and there lies the secret. The secret consumed me...words that tell a whole story. How fascinating!
But I was ever so afraid to try writing the format, and shy for the feed back I may receive. It was not my usual writing as with quotations. Well I gave it a go...I wrote just two..mmmm not all that good, but it was a start. I soon went back to my comfort zone and merrily went along doing what I knew...still consumed!!??
Entered  into several websites relating to Haiku, and basically all were more or less the same ~ I did find a few sites with some simple poetry which I would later use for the stream. None of it was my work, however some of the writers on my stream would re-tweet them; it was a slow start ~ I had begun to lose my fear.
In the last few days I managed to write quite a bit of Haiku, all written by yours truly...am somewhat proud.
I received a DM saying "You're really good"..."Wow really?"

A sheer veil wrapped / around her naked body / dancing flutters under the moon
An ant nibbling at my toe / displeasure soaked me / the picnic was nice  
deep in the forest / perusing fallen leaves / waterfall in the distance  
Sitting on my arm / a tiny ladybird / searching for my love
array of fine colours / follow a discourse path / the cat pouncing thru' pink  
A coloured butterfly / sitting on my dog's back / both afraid to move
flying white curtains / wind whirling them / spiderweb fell apart #haiku
Morning dew on window sill / red parrot perched on the edge / catching the worm
Remembering your love / powerful with passion / an exit before it flowered  
A haunting smile / seen thru' the brushes / bewilderment seized time haiku  
Met you yesteryear / a fleeting thought / reduced me to depression  
Just outside the window / coloured bird sits on vine / beak picking the grapes  
Perfect bird nest / neatly nestled between eaves / waiting for new arrivals
There in the shadow / a hovering bird / it's feeding time
She nibbling at his lips / response was equal / a white dove circled  
Please say that again / my hands are trembling / I love you  
Little tiny flowers / embrace the ground beneath me / forgot my picnic basket
Grovelling footsteps / heard outside dark window / looking for food  #haiku #free haiku
A stranger at my door / selling religion / as I sat in lotus position
sun and moon / follow each other / both sooth my bedroom window  
Dancing in the dark / your hands are warm / my dog barking at you
In a neon lit lane / the homeless are sleeping / I left some noodles  
A large sweet sunflower / shone towards me / The yellow blinded me
Walking in the rain / my soul reflects a sigh / for it's cleansed somehow  
A brick paved road / basket on head / family at home / wait for her return  
Cranes in formation / heading to superior ground / a feed is to be found afar  
Met you yesteryear / a fleeting thought / reduced me to depression  
Perfect bird nest / neatly nestled between eaves / waiting for new arrivals  
Corner of depression / a figure very lean / walkers by looking on   


 I hope to write more and become better!